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"The choral art stands in a unique position to be of service to humanity and music because it offers the most immediate and accessible avenue of active participation."

- Conductor Robert Shaw 

Historically, music has shown itself vital among the arts because it combines mind, soul and friendship.


It has revealed itself to be a guide and force for human understanding, aspiration and goodwill.


The act of gathering in song with others touches something very primal in the human spirit. 

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A Choral Artisan

An artisan is a person or community "who practices or is highly skilled in a craft."

Enthralled humbled and seduced by their art, they continually return to the creative process with delight and discipline. 

Embedded within the context of community, the choral artisan takes rhythm, pitch, text and a communicative heart as the raw materials of his or her art. 

Under the direction of Rick Cobb, the Choral Artisans represent a collection of individuals whose voices and hearts create a community greater than themselves.


The repertoire predominantly consists of music from the historical choral tradition (chant, madrigal, classical masterpieces, contemporary, Broadway, spirituals and folk music).

"Sounds are only vehicles for something that is deeply rooted in understanding and the human experience,

and the human need to be together in a community of caring and loving persons that we call a choir."

- Elaine Brown (founder of Singing City in Philadelphia)

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