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The Resonance Initiative is a multifaceted effort to change lives—and our city—through song and storytelling. We aim to restore singing to its role in civic life with projects and programs that appeal to contemporary audiences. We weave storytelling into our programming, allowing people to experience the transporting and transformative power of narrative.  We encourage people to reconsider how music and story connect to their own lives, and we will encourage them to access the songs and stories locked inside themselves. To this end, The Resonance Initiative has certain areas of focus:


The Resonance Initiative isn't out to create anything new or unique. It simply aims to awaken the song and give voice to the stories that lie deep inside each one of us. It is an invitation to our entire city to sing, to listen, to share stories, and to feel the power of music flow through them and through our neighborhoods and communities.

When we open ourselves to music and story-telling, we can experience our life-stories more fully and more vividly-and, in turn, create a better, more beautiful, more vibrant community.





The Resonance Initiative convenes and leads various performance groups. The Choral Artisans program provides singing opportunities for everyone from experienced singers to novices and newcomers. 



Music shouldn't exist in an artistic vacuum. Through our Resounding Art! program, we facilitate unexpected and experimental collaborations with artists who work in various other media.

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The more our community knows about music and how it intersects with their personal stories, the more they can benefit from it. The SongShape program provides resources and opportunities dedicated to music education and life enrichment.


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