8-week Fall Session begins  9/20/19

Introductory Workshop on 9/13/19


The SongShape Chorus (piloted in Indianapolis, Indiana) uses the power of singing to encourage people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia – as well as their care
partners – to create something unique, engage in community life, and
rediscover the fullness of what life with dementia and Alzheimer’s can be.


The SongShape Chorus grew out of Director Rick Cobb’s personal
connection to the struggles of people living with Alzheimer’s, and the belief
in the power of music-making to help alleviate some of the ongoing impacts
of dementia. The SongShape Chorus focuses on crafting something unique, tackling simpler choral arrangements, while incorporating elements of experiential and sequential learning, as well as community-focused participation.


Recognizing the important role of those who give ongoing care for people
with dementia, a personal “care partner” should accompany and fully
participate in the chorus along with each singer. Care partners could include
spouses, friends, adult children or grandchildren, sisters or brothers, and any
person whom the person living with dementia trusts and feels secure with.
Volunteers are also on hand and actively involved in assisting singers during
rehearsals and concerts so the care partner can fully engage with the chorus.


Previous partners of the SongShape Chorus:



Rehearsals are where most of the SongShape “magic” takes place; where
singers and their care partners experience joy, social interaction and the
satisfaction of working toward a goal. The 8-week season will include weekly,
90-minute rehearsals and no auditions required.

A typical rehearsal includes:

  • 20+ minutes of social time before and after rehearsal

  • Opening ritual song/warm-up

  • Working repertoire

  • “Move & Groove” stretch break

  • “Music & Me” enrichment

  • Announcements

  • Closing ritual song

SongShape believes that using a high-quality facility for chorus rehearsals
and performance sends a strong message–to singers, care partners, families,
friends, and the community at large–that the chorus is valued and respected
and should experience the same environment as other quality artists.


As with any choral group, the first stage of development involves regularity
and structure, helping singers come together as an ensemble in rehearsals
while becoming familiar with new music and new members. Growth begins
as chorus members understand their musical parts, relax into a new routine,
and trust their peers to support collaborative music-making. As the
repertoire is mastered, singers will fine-tune the sensitivies of each musical
piece, preparing for a final community performance.

Each SongShape performance includes:

  • A familiar, comfortable and accessible venue

  • A well-prepared, but informal and family-friendly format

  • Personal testimony

  • Simple performance attire

  • A reception with refreshments for friends and family