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In partnership with the Harrison Center in Indianapolis, the Choral Artisans participated in a gallery show in collaboration with various artists for an evening of readings, visual art and choral music inspired by the writings of the famed Scottish-American naturalist and conservationist John Muir.

Below are insights concerning the person of John Muir, and how the creative process of art and music join together to present a portrait a man who possessed a lifelong love for words and wilderness beauty. 

John Muir's Stint
in Indianapolis -
Part 1
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John Muir's Stint in Indianapolis - Part 2 
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Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 11.55.55

Lorie Lee Andrews is one of the visual artists from the Harrison Center participating in our collaborative project. I had the opportunity to discuss the fusion between art and music. She shared about her background and connection with the Harrison Center. 

In Part 2 of my video interview with Lorie, we discuss her familiarity with John Muir, the initial steps involved before putting brush to canvas, what images captured her imagination and the role the choral piece the Choral Artisans will perform "Come to the Woods" by Jake Runnestad played in her creative process. 

In Part 3 of our conversation, Lorie Lee discusses three of the pieces she prepared for the "Come to the Woods" Gallery show. She shares how certain images from the John Muir story captured her imagination and how architecture plays an important aspect in these pieces. 

In my final video interview with Lorie Lee. I share from the book by Donald Worster entitled: "A Passion for Nature - The Life of John Muir." We wonder if John Muir's deep love and passion for nature are still possible in our own time? Can contact with natural created beauty inspire people to a higher ethic?

I was grateful for the graciousness of Lorie Lee allowing me to collaborate with her for the video interviews. Choral music benefits greatly from other artistic mediums. And the Choral Artisans always appreciate the opportunity to work with other artists who not only contribute to our city's aesthetic, but also its humanity! 

You can check out more of Lorie Lee's work by clicking the link below: 

Telling the Muir Story Through Music

Jake Runne.jpg
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Come to the Woods Gallery Show - Exhibit SlideShow

Choral Performance of "Come to the Woods" composed by Jake Runestad
and performed by the Choral Artisans 
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