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Part 2 Interview - The Quickening Art of Choral Singing

Here's part two of my continuing conversation with Gary Boring on the role of choral singing and its impact over the years in his life. You can visit Part 1 of our previous discussion.

What role has choral music played in your life over the years?

Choral music has been very important in my life at various times.  In the early years it was the cherub choir at church which established in my mind the idea that choral music was ok for boys and girls and could actually be fun.

In the middle year’s I sang in my school choirs, State 4H choir and Madrigal choir through high school.  I established many friends through those years, and I found a different kind of esprit de corps than I had found in sports.  I also learned that girls really like guys who sing.

I auditioned to sing with the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, and I was selected from a large group of incoming freshmen to sing Baritone/Bass with the full group of around 70.  I will never forget sitting in the dining room waiting for lunch when the group suddenly broke into a four part harmony like I had never heard before. I worked like crazy to learn the music, as I didn’t want to be sitting on the sidelines.  It felt like I was singing from my core for the first time.

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