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Part 5 Interview - The Quickening Art of Choral Music

This is the last post in my series of conversations with Gary Boring as he shares other good resources out there for people dealing with Parkinson's. (For previous conversations with Gary, view Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4.

In addition to choral singing, what other good resources are available for people dealing with Parkinson's?

My personal favorite exercise for Parkinson’s disease is Rock Steady Boxing.   It started here in Indianapolis at the Flagship Gym, and there are now 700 affiliates across the country.  We plan our vacations now so that our stops are near a Rock Steady class.

The key to successful maintenance of Parkinson’s disease is exercise.  Nothing can replace it, and doing it in a group will encourage you to do your best.  There are dancing groups and other types of exercise if you are interested. The best all around resource for Parkinson’s disease is Michael J. Fox Foundation.  Here, you can learn about the latest research, how to be a part of research studies and where various exercise opportunities are located.

My best advice is, do everything you can to maintain your body, soul, mind and voice.  Find peace and contentment in who you are and know that you are loved.

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