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The Comparable Advantages of A Chorus

1. Everyone has a voice.

2. That voice comes free - no purchase necessary.

3. That voice is portable - no special travel requirements.

4. That voice is highly flexible - all music can be sung.

5. Choral music has messages and meaning - from discovering folk traditions and world music to singing about social justice and civil rights, choral music provides a powerful means of cultural and historical expression. We sing about something.

6. Choral singing is a collaborative endeavor - we sing together.

7. Choral singing can be taught in ways that work for all kinds of learners.

8. Choral singing is a very cost effective form of arts education.

9. Choral singing is a lifelong activity. There are nearly 350,000 choruses in communities large and small eager to welcome singers of any age.

(Taken from a study of Chorus America)

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